The Best Websites to Find Flights

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There are so many different websites available for searching flights that it can be hard to know which one is the best. Comparing for hours can mean that you end up missing that perfect flight, but there are definitely some websites that are better than others.

Remember, if you’re looking for a specific flight on a specific day, it can be a good idea to use a different browser or clear your cookies on the day you’re planning to book, as websites and airlines can tell when you have visited the site more than once and may increase the price.

Here are the best websites to find flights:


Google Flights

I always start with Google Flights, since this gives me a good idea of what airlines fly the route I’m looking for, and a good overview of prices. Google Flights also has a handy search feature where you can compare prices across multiple days, and it will notify you if it’s cheaper to fly on another day or if there is a much better connection time or fewer stops.


Kayak is another good option, and I love the Kayak explore option. Once you’ve entered the airport where you would be departing from, you get a map view of airports around the world, along with prices to let you know how much it would cost to fly there from your departure point. This is great if you know you want to travel during a certain time period, you’re not sure where, or you simply want to see where the cheapest flights are.


Adioso is one of my favourite websites. I love that you can choose a whole area such as “Europe” as your destination, and you can get an idea of where the cheapest places to fly are, which airlines you would be using and more. Adioso also lets you search by month, so you can choose a date range, an entire month, or anytime- meaning great savings if you’re flexible with your travel plans.



I also like to check Skyscanner, as it can sometimes have airlines that are not on some of the other websites. The best function is the “Everywhere” search, as you can get some great ideas for your next trip, and compare different airports within the same country- something that can save you hundreds of dollars.


I particularly enjoy the Momondo app, since it’s user-friendly and easy to have a quick peek at flights while you’re waiting in line for a coffee. This is an award-winning travel site, and you can easily see which tickets are the best deal, quickest or cheapest- meaning you can decide if that long stopover is worth it, or if a quicker trip could save your sanity for just a little more money.


I love Hipmunk. Flights are shown by “agony”, price, and stopovers, so you can see at a glance when each flight departs, how long the stopovers are, how long the flights are, and when they arrive.

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