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When people think of going on a vacation where they can let go of their worries and immerse in their sweetest inhibitions, they think of Florida. Florida is a tropical getaway that offers a plethora of exciting sights and activities, from its pristine beaches, colorful surroundings, to its diverse cultures. Visitors will find paradise in its sun-kissed beaches set against the buzzing backdrop of Florida’s creative arts scene and nightlife.


Florida hosts around 98 million visitors each year. Because Florida is such a popular holiday destination, it can be difficult to book accommodation and tickets. Villas in Florida, are the ideal lodging during a trip to Florida, are plentiful, but guests should know that rates and availability vary depending on the time of the year.


This guide will help you decide when to visit the sunny city of Florida.


High Season (March to August)

Although Spring is a great season to go to Florida, the hot weather can entice visitors to hit the beaches to cool off. Florida’s beaches will be packed during spring break. It’s during this season that young adults flock toward the beaches to enjoy beachside fun, as well as participate in Florida’s numerous spring festivals and events, such as the Azalea Festival and a few St. Patrick’s Day festivities.


During the summer, Orlando’s theme parks will also experience a heavy surge of guests. School will be out, and families typically visit Orlando during this time. Florida’s most popular theme park, Walt Disney World, will have long and busy lines all season long. If you don’t want to stand in line for two hours waiting for your chance to get on a ride at Disney World, visiting Florida in the summer may not be for you.


Shoulder Season (February and September)

With spring breakers out of sight and school still going on, beaches and theme parks will not be as crowded. Florida’s weather will be dry and hot, making it the perfect time to hit the water. Beaches will also be less packed. If the price is a consideration when planning your trip, the shoulder season might be the best time for you to fly to Florida. Hotel rates are considerably lower (around 20% to 30%) during this season.


Low Season (October to December)

The winter season is the worst time to visit Florida beaches. There will be no place that has warm weather ideal for hitting the beach and going for a swim.


Instead, visitors will have a pleasant time exploring Florida’s theme parks like Disney World and Universal Studios. This season has the lowest rainfall, making it the best time to go on hiking and camping trips, golfing, and other land activities. However, due to the holidays, hotel rates can spike suddenly.


So, when’s the best time to visit Florida?

If you want to experience an energetic day at the beach where you can vibe off other beachgoers, visit Florida during the summer. This season makes it easy to meet other people and party all day long.

If you want a more relaxed and family-friendly vacation, visit Florida during the low season. You won’t worry about long lines, and you’ll get to enjoy family theme parks more than you would in the summer.

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