The Best Shoes for Travel for Men and Women

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It can be hard to know which shoes to pack if you’ll be travelling soon. If you’re like most people, it’s likely that you pack either more or fewer shoes than you’ll need- meaning you’ll either have enough options but they’ll be taking up too much space in your luggage (and precious weight), or you’ll only have a couple of pairs and be unprepared for that formal dinner or hike.

Here are the best shoes for travel for men and women:

The Best Shoes for Travel for Men and Women

Formal Shoes

For women, these could be a cute pair of black flats, although if you’re in a big city and going out to a nice dinner or club, you may want to bring a pair of high heels. A neutral colour such as black, white, or nude will work well, and there is rarely an outfit that can’t be dressed up with a sleek pair of black stilettos.

Formal shoes are just as important for men, and a nice pair of two tone brogue shoes or lace up brogues will look smart and allow you to dress up a plainer shirt that night.

Exercise Shoes

If you’re planning a city vacation for a few days, you may decide to skip these, although there’s a good chance that you may still prefer to have the option of a quick workout in the hotel gym.

For those who like to get a little more active or are heading to a destination where the great outdoors is a big draw, sneakers or hiking shoes will be completely necessary. If you’ll be doing adventure activities like white water rafting or hiking through mud, it may be a good idea to take an old pair of sneakers (and then if you ruin them you can leave them at the destination and have more room for shopping in your luggage).


Casual Shoes

Casual shoes can vary, depending both on your definition of casual, and what you’ll be using them for. For beach vacations, flip-flops are a good option as they can be great for walking along the beach, while sandals can be either plain or dressy and can be worn during the day as a comfortable alternative to closed shoes, or worn at night to dinner and dressed up (for women).


Heading somewhere cold? Boots are a must. They’re also great for spring and fall weather, and can also be used to either dress up or dress down a particular outfit. For ladies, a boot with a high heel goes well with dark jeans and a dressy top, while men will find more rugged alternatives are good for during the day during chilly weather.

Love them or loathe them, but many people continue to wear Ugg boots. These comfortable boots are great when it’s freezing cold or even for wearing on the plane or in airports as they’re easy to remove and can sometimes feel as decadent as wearing slippers.

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