The best countries to raise a family

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If you love travelling, you will undoubtedly have your own personal reasons for packing a case and moving somewhere exotic. For some people, it is the chance to experience a completely different culture, while for others it is the excitement of new adventures, or simply getting away from it all to start a new life in the sun! If you are a travel enthusiast, then you will know exactly what it is that makes you want to take up the plunge and live abroad.

Of course, many people move with their family and gives them much more to consider. If you are thinking of doing this, then it’s vital to do plenty of research before uprooting and leaving the country. This is so that you can make absolutely sure that your children can grow up in a safe environment with excellent schools and recreational facilities.

The 4 best countries to raise a family

If you need a little advice to start your research into which countries are best for families then the following advice should help:


One of the most enduringly popular countries to raise a family is Singapore. This island state has superb educational facilities and many fabulous international schools. Among these institutions, the Australian International School,, is one of the leaders, promising the best possible start in life for your children. Additionally, Singapore is rated highly for its safety and sense of family well-being. A lively, cosmopolitan country, there are already many ex-pat families living there for you to connect with.


In truth, all of the Scandinavian countries are great for raising a family but Finland is particularly fine. A recent InterNations survey of ex-pat families found that no-one had anything bad to say about living there. Indeed, all the parents surveyed were highly positive about the Finnish standards of life and the positive environment the country offered to their children.


Australia is a very popular place for people to move to due to the friendly nature of its locals and the vibrant mix of cultures in the main cities. It also offers lots of opportunities for exercise and leisure activities for children, which is a highly attractive feature of living there.


If you want a fantastic European country to move to that is excellent for kids, then France is a good choice. It is fairly cheap to live there, and the culture is second to none for aiding your child’s development. With great education and a welcoming attitude to families, France is worth consideration. But you might want to learn the language before you arrive!

Take your time to make your choice

There is no doubt that moving abroad with your family is major decision that requires careful planning. Making sure that the country you move to will be suitable for your children is key to their future happiness and growth. Any of the countries listed above present these opportunities and will provide a safe place for your loved ones to settle into their new and exciting life.

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