What Are the Benefits of Student Travel Abroad?

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A study abroad trip will contribute to both your personal and professional growth. Learn about 6 advantages of making an academic study trip abroad.

More and more university students want to make a study trip abroad as part of their learning program because studying for a while in another country is an experience that brings with it multiple benefits in all areas of student life.

1 – Travelling is a unique opportunity to learn

Being a student abroad, you will have to develop multiple skills that you may not need if you only stay in your comfort zone; that is, your whole life space where you have your family and friends. Travelling, whether through studierejse or other destinations, will help you learn how to manage your budget or improvise when faced with the unknown to solve problems, among many other skills that you must acquire to live and make yourself understood in a country that is not yours.

2 – What you learn will remain for the rest of your life

Referring not only to what you learn at the academic level but to what we mentioned in the previous point: the skills you will develop to live in another country are those that will remain for life and will be very useful every time you have to face an unknown situation with people who handle things in a different manner, since having lived in a foreign country with a multiplicity of cultures, you will have learned to relate and be more tolerant and receptive with others.

3 – By studying abroad you will become bilingual

Living in a country where another language is spoken is the best way to learn to speak it, since you will have to learn it to make yourself understood and be independent. Being immersed all day in a society that speaks a different language is the best way to absorb it and learn it in a real way, going beyond the dictionary and getting in touch with the real language of the place.

4 – When you’re abroad you meet colleagues and friends from all over the world

When you live in another country, you have the possibility of generating professional and friendly links with people from all over the world; from the locals to other students from other countries who have chosen the same destination as you. This means that you can establish a network of contacts with people of all cultural and social backgrounds, which can be very advantageous in the future at a professional level.

5 – By going abroad you broaden your perspective of the world

By knowing different people and cultures, your knowledge and perspective of the world is expanded, obtaining new visions in all areas of life: cultural, social, political and economic. And as Einstein said, “A mind that opens to a new idea, never returns to its original size.”

6 – Because of studying abroad you will have better opportunities in the future

Travelling (especially for academic studies) is an excellent way to enhance your CV and add not only a network of professional contacts with foreigners, but an international perspective in your career, thanks to everything you will learn and experience. And when applying for a future job, this will be an extra point in your favour in comparison to the rest of the candidates.

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