5 Tips for an Ultimate Road Trip

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My favourite way to travel is by car, you can stop whenever you want, take whatever route you want and it’s easy to get out and stretch your legs when you need to. So long as you have plenty of snacks, a good sound track and good company, there’s nothing better than cruising around discovering new places. I’ve taken a lot of road trips in my time, especially because they’re my favourite way to travel, so I wanted to make a list of my 5 tips for an unforgettable road trip to inspire you for your next road trip.


1) A Safe, Comfortable Car

Having a car that is not only safe but comfortable is so important, especially for the longer trips. Depending on where you are, you can use your own car, borrow a car, rent a car or even buy a new car (https://www.cars.com/). Whatever option you choose, make sure you keep your comfort in mind, there’s nothing worse than having a stiff back from being uncomfortable.

2) A Lot of Delicious Snacks

There are certain snacks that make better road trips snacks than others. In my experience, foods that are dry and easy to vacuum out of the car are much better than things that are filled with sauce or sticky. Things fall, especially if you’re going over a bumpy road or a speed bump, and there’s nothing worse than trying to get tomato sauce out of your car’s fabric. Snacks are especially important if you’re driving through places where there aren’t a lot of shops. For messier foods, stop and have a picnic somewhere along the way!

3) Good Music

It’s so much easier these days to find good driving songs – you can literally just download a driving songs playlist from Spotify and be set for your journey. I suggest each person who is going on the road trip download a playlist and swap around, so that everyone gets to hear their music along the way. Don’t underestimate how fun 90s playlists are for road trips!

4) Take the Scenic Route

Often the scenic route is slower, but it’s almost always much more beautiful and more fun because you can stop in places for photo opportunities. If you are short on time, take the scenic route for part of the trip, or on the way there and the faster route on the way home. Don’t focus just on the destination, the journey can be really special too!

5) Be Realistic About Driving Times

With traffic, unexpected delays and rest stops, trips can take a lot longer than we estimate. As a general rule, I always like to add an extra hour for every 4 hours I’m driving. So if the trip is going to take 8 hours, I’d estimate at least 10. You can use Google Maps and adjust the journey for the date and time you are traveling to get a better estimate. There’s nothing worse than taking dangerous risks with driving because you’re way behind schedule, so please set yourself up for realistic driving times so you keep safe and arrive without any stresses!

Road tripping is a great way to see more of a country, travel a little slower and also get be in control of where you are stopping. With these tips I’m sure you will have the best road trip ever.

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