5 Tips to Stick to Your Budget When You Travel

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There are numerous steps that you can take when you need to save money while travelling, my suggestion is to find the best travel budgeting app. The tough part is when you are on the road but you need to stick to a tight budget. You should be prepared for some unexpected expenses while you travel and there are many iTunes finance apps that can help you do so. Vacations are a means of refreshment and a way to get out of the monotonous life just to have fun and relax.

But when you’ve to worry about your budget when vacationing, it becomes difficult to enjoy and relax. In this article, we will throw some light on the way to enjoy your vacation while sticking to your budget. Outlining a vacation takes two steps, planning and budgeting. All you have to do is split the costs in a manner that does not hamper the whole thing. After diligently working hard for so long, all you need is to plan the big adventure. Let us focus on how you can do that while on a budget.

Keep record of every cent spent and make a travel budget

Maintain a small pocket diary or the top expenses app and write down everything related to expenses daily in it. By the end of the week, calculate how much you have spent and how much is left. This will enable you to focus on goals and give direction to your spending habits while controlling them. You can stick to your travel budget by actually making it right from the start. If you don’t care about how much you have to spend and how much you are actually spending, you will run out of money soon.

Opt for places where the locals eat and cut back on alcohol

We all know that street food is yummy as well as cheap. The locals are usually aware of where the cheapest food is available and if a place is packed with people then definitely the food is great. Western food in third world countries are not as tasty and expensive; so rather than choosing western food on your trip, you should go for the local food. Don’t worry about it being unhealthy or you getting sick because it is totally safe. Everyone loves a drink or two, but alcohol will make holes in your pocket if you have a budget. Instead of drinking two nights in a row, choose to drink on alternate days and travel without getting a hangover. This way, you can also enjoy more and maintain your budget.

Travel at a slow pace

Travelling slowly has a number of benefits because it helps you find reasonably-cost places to stay, eat and drink. Plan a weeklong stay and negotiate the cost of staying that long. Not taking transport everyday will also help you make some amazing tours and save money.

Use public transport

The first-time travelers fear using public transport due to safety reasons, but you should know that buses and trains are not only safe but also relatively cheap as compared to taxis. They might not be as comfortable as a private car or taxi but they will help you stick to your budget. This way, you can also have some adventurous stories to share with your family.

Opt for reasonable accommodation and shop at local markets

Accommodation is the biggest expense that would incur while travelling. For long holidays, choose cheaper hotels that will allow you to get out of the hotel and enjoy the city rather than sitting in the hotel and watching TV. There are several guesthouses and homestays that give you a wonderful stay experience at excellent prices. Secondly, choosing the local markets to shop will help you know the city well and what it is famous for. They are cheaper and you will get tons of souvenirs to take back for your loved ones. Moreover, buying food from these local markets is cheaper and it is usually fresh.

Enter competitions

If you’re looking to blow your budget in favour of a luxury travel experience, but you don’t have finances on your side, then entering holiday competitions could be your best bet. Loads of companies are giving away holidays to promote their brands, and some of them are once-in-life-time experiences! Check out this one from tombola bingo, to be in with a chance of winning a 5* holiday to Australia – with no expense spared, you’ll be living the holiday of your dreams!

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