5 Reasons to Visit Russia This Year

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Russia is the biggest country in the world with an area of 17.1 million kilometers. It is renowned for being diverse visually, culturally, and historically. Travelers are excited to discover its diversity and the element of surprise in order to find out the real identity of this mesmerizing land. In addition, Russia has eight time zones and a varying climate that includes freezing temperatures in the Arctic terrain of Siberia and sub topical heat of Sochi. This vast country is sure to amaze you for all the good reasons. In case you are keen to visit Russia, you should opt for tour packages that take you to the breathtaking locations and chanting sights.

Without a doubt, Russia is one of the most captivating countries in the world. It should surely be on your bucket list and we can give you top five reasons to visit this country and bewitched by its charm.

Moscow – the Largest City in Europe

A lot of people think that either London or Paris is the largest city in Europe, but they are unaware of the fact that it is actually Russia which is the largest European city. Moscow accommodates about ten and a half million people, making it the most populous city in Europe. The city is popular among so many tourists due to the blend of cheerful modernity and historical culture. The travelers will be mesmerized by just the grandiose of the Red Square and candy pop colors of St. Basil’s Cathedral. Moreover, since Russia has the longest railway in the world, you should not miss making a Trans Siberian Tour to explore the whole country by rail.

The Intriguing History of this Country

The amazing Cathedrals spread all over Russia are a must visit for anyone interested in history. From the eerie Kazan cathedral in St. Petersburg to the thrilling St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow, there is no shortage of magnificent sights in Russia. When it comes to literary history, many great authors, such as Tolstoy, Pushkin, Gogol, Dostoyevsky, Chekhov, Bulgakov, and Nabokov worked and lived their entire lives in Russia. Once you visit this country, you will have a new understanding with a different outlook for Russian literature. The Art Museum in St. Petersburg and the Hermitage Museum have a collection of awe-inspiring artwork that will take days for you to discover.

Vodka – The Ladies Drink Was Actually Invented in Poland

Vodka, the most popular alcoholic beverage in Russia, was first produced in Poland, not Russia; though many people do not know this. But the Russians took the formula and enhanced it by improving the flavor and brought it close to perfection. Now, Vodka is one of the most widely guzzled up drinks in the world. You can also discover more about Vodka and its history in Moscow’s Vodka Museum.

Winters in Russia

In winter, Russia looks like a country straight out from a fairytale as you will experience breathtaking sights and astonishing views. Be brave and face the winter of Russia because we can assure it will be totally worth it. All you have to do is pack some winter clothes and experience the Northern lights. You just have to go far enough to the North to catch a glimpse of the magnificent views. The best part of Russia’s nature is that it is still untouched, so it is open to be discovered by travelers. The Caucasus Mountains and Lake Baikal in Siberia are worth checking out.

Fabulous Photo Shooting Opportunities

The clear blue skies and picturesque weather in the warmer months of Russia make it great to take photos. Moreover, the record-breaking icicles in the colder months in St. Petersburg are also fantastic to take pictures of, but from a distance. Be it day or night, Russia will not fail to charm you with its marvelous sightseeing locations.

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