5 Reasons why you need travel insurance

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Source: AIG Ireland

Travel insurance is a kind of insurance that is meant to cover any possible losses, such as cancellation of the trip, medical expenses and any other loss incurred during the course of traveling.

Travel insurance can be purchased earlier while booking or later just before the flight. But it is always advisable to purchase it much earlier so as not to forget about it. Travel insurance is very important for travellers as it covers a lot of risks, such as trip cancellation, lost or damaged luggage, travel delays, death, medical treatment, delayed luggage, hijacking, and much more. It helps the traveller or their family to receive some form of benefits in case any of such terrible events occur.

But many travellers tend to disregard it for one reason or another, which is not appreciated since a travel insurance makes them automatically insured to be compensated should any terrible events occur. In fact, all travellers need to be more educated on the benefits of having a travel insurance. according to AIG Ireland, here are the top reasons why a traveller needs a travel insurance before making any trip.

  • Medical cover

You may need emergency medical care which would cost a lot of money during your trip. But with an insurance, you won’t have to pay much because your insurance will cover most of it. This is one of the main reasons why you need an insurance covering your trip.

  • Lost or delayed luggage

Sometimes, it may happen that you are on a trip to take part in a special occasion, and somehow your luggage which contains the special attire meant for the occasion has gone missing! In such a scenario, you will be compensated for the lost luggage if you are covered by a travel insurance.

  • Delayed flights

Let’s assume you have an important presentation to make somewhere and you’ve booked your flight ahead so as not to miss it. However, on the day of the flight, which also happens to be the same day you get to make the presentation, your flight has been delayed. With your travel insurance, an alternative arrangement will be made to help you get to your destination so that you do not miss out the presentation.

  • Stolen properties

Sometimes, some unforeseen events may occur while you are on a holiday or business trip, such as losing money due to pickpocketing or something else. In such a case, the amount stolen will be refunded to you if you have a travel insurance covering that aspect.

  • Flight cancellation

Should an unforeseen event occur before your trip, such as a terrible weather condition which has led to the cancellation of your flight, you will be reimbursed for a new ticket on an alternative flight if you have an insurance.

Thus, the importance and benefits of having a travel insurance cannot be overemphasized. After all, it gives the traveller a complete peace of mind knowing that he or she will be covered for any terrible unforeseen circumstances that may occur in the course of their traveling.

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