5 hot spots for destination weddings

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All brides yearn for a memorable and extraordinary wedding. We all know that although this special event is meant to celebrate the love between the bride and groom, inevitably it is also planned with family and friends in mind. Today, nuptials are not only a ‘tie the knot’ type of celebration, couples are now aiming to offer guests a full on experience. What better way to achieve this, than by throwing a destination wedding? Here are a few places you should keep in mind for your now international event.



You would be surprised about the wondrous sites that await in a destination wedding in Greece.

Weddings in Mykonos not only have a magnificent background, but attendees, especially the electronic-music enthusiasts, will get to see their favorite DJs at the popular dance clubs around the island. If your guests prefer a more outdoorsy and historic approach, you can’t miss the 16th- century windmills, which coincidentally could offer the perfect atmosphere for wedding pictures.


If you would like your special day to be more European centered, your party can make their way to Italy. Just take a minute to imagine a wedding complemented by a backpacking adventure through this great country. The awaited celebration can be held in Rome and continue on to various cities ending in Florence, in front of a renaissance masterpiece. Not one of your fellow explorers would forget this unique and romantic experience.


Looking for a more tropical but still renowned spot? How about the Bahamas? You could even go completely out of the box and have an underwater ceremony. If this is not your cup of tea, there are plenty of fascinating and often relaxing options that will be equally as original. This


gem in the Atlantic Ocean is filled with irresistible resorts, dolphins, mysterious coral gardens, and you can even visit Thunderbolt Grotto, a barrier reef that appeared in the James Bond films.


Weddings are all about getting the perfect pictures that capture the emotions you can only feel as a bride and groom. When you put these emotions in front of the breathtaking background of this Nordic island, the results are simply incredible. You can pick between volcanos, geysers, hot springs or lava fields, not an easy decision to make. Once you are done with the highly dramatic photo shoot head to a museum and learn more about Viking history.

Puerto Rico

Want to turn your romantic getaway into a cultural affair? Head to Puerto Rico. The turn- of-the-century churches throughout the Island will enchant you and let’s not even mention the transparent waters that dance along its coast. You can experience everything from popular Caribbean dishes made with exotic spices to bioluminescent bays and friendly interactions with the island’s natives.


A hometown wedding is not even an option anymore, right? There’s so much to explore in the world. Take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime milestone to start your global endeavor and start your marriage boldly.

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