5 Decoration Tips for Your Office

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Have you been feeling a little bored of how your office has been lately? Perhaps you simply want to create an office that feels a little more like a sanctuary. Or maybe you want to create a social area in your office, so you can host meetings a little more easily. Have you just come home from a wonderful trip overseas and feel a little bored by how your office is? Whatever your motivation for wanting to update your office, there are a number of easy and cheap ways you can freshen up your office without having to rip down walls or spend a ton of money. With the summer months rolling around, there’s no time like the present to make a few adjustments and get your current office a little closer to your dream office. Here are my easy and cheap tips for transforming your office:

1.  A New Sofa or Chairs

Many of the common jobs today are becoming slightly less formal, ensuring that you can host clients in a slightly more informal setting than in the past. When I’m meeting with clients I quite like to meet with them in a couch/chair environment in my office as it’s a little more laid back and ensures the client feels a little more comfortable to share their ideas with me. Creating an informal sitting area can be a great way to create more rapport with your client when time may be restricted. I also do a lot of reading for my work so prefer to be seated on the sofa in my couch while reading as it’s simply more comfortable.
You may already have a sofa in your office, but perhaps you find it a little uncomfortable or feel that the style isn’t quite in line with the atmosphere you want to create in your office. Or may this is the first time you’re buying a sofa for your office and you’re not sure where to start. I think the most important thing to decide is what kind of size you’re going to go with. I feel that it’s more professional if you and your client are seated in separate chairs or sofas, to be sure to keep this in mind while choosing what kind of layout you would like. You’ll also have to be mindful of how big your office is and how much space you have spare to dedicate to your new sofa or chairs. Jasonl have a fantastic range of chairs, sofas and couches that you can browse through to find your idea seating solution for your office.

2. New Lighting

I personally feel that lighting is the easiest way to change the way a room feels. Have you ever considered what kind of bulbs you are using? Are they bright, or a weird yellow colour that makes your office feel a little darker and less clean? Try out a few different types of bulbs until you find one that feels like a good fit for your office. If you don’t have much natural lighting, you’ll probably want a whiter light to keep you feeling refreshed and productive. If you find that your office is still dim with your standard lights, consider buying a lamp or two. I find it very hard to work productivity if there’s no good lighting, especially if I’m working past sunset.

3. A Fresh Coat of Paint

The default colour for most offices is white, which is great because it goes with everything, but it’s also quite bland and lacks personality. In recent years there’s been a trend to have brighter colours in the office, either through statement items or by painting the walls. The truth is, paint is relatively cheap and with some good tape to line your edges, you can achieve a professional paint job by yourself within a day or two, making it a cheap and easy transformation. Just make sure you do a patch test of the paint colours you like on the walls in your office before you paint the entire wall, to make sure you really like how that colour looks on your walls in your office. Try to get a colour that lifts you up, at the moment bright colours are very in!

4. Special Momentos

Have you recently come back from an amazing trip overseas? Why not bring a few travel pieces into your office to brighten things up and to remind yourself of your last great adventure. You could get a piece of art the next time you travel overseas with the intention of placing it in your office. Not only will it add some interest to your office, it could be a really interesting talking point with your clients and coworkers. You can also add some special travel photos around your office which will help inspire you to work hard for your next vacation overseas.

5. Add Some Greenery

Plants are also an inexpensive and quick thing to add into your office. You can buy a pot in a bright colour if you want to add an accent piece, or in a more neutral piece of you want to have a more minimalistic look. I personally love little succulents in brightly coloured pots – I love the contrast between the bright colour and the green of the succulent. Plus, they’re hard to kill, which works perfectly for my lifestyle! I personally like to have a few plants dotted around my office, but even one is enough to change how your office feels.
Use these 5 simple, easy hacks to change your office into somewhere a little more interesting to be. Who knows, you may even find yourself wanting to spend a little more time there after personalising your office!
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