5 Australia’s Best Cities for Bachelor Party in 2018

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A bachelor party or a bucks party is an important event for the groom. It’s the one day when a man can enjoy with his friends before he commits his life to another person. In order to ensure that the bachelor party is successful, the best man has to make it a fun-filled event with good food and great activities.

Australia has several destinations suitable for a bachelor party. It has beaches, mountains, deserts, and numerous natural wonders suitable as a background for a party. It also is known for its bars and nightlife as well as for its daytime sporting activities. Whether you want to arrange a party on a boat or in the middle of a cosmopolitan city with a thriving nightlife, Australia has the perfect venue!

The top bachelor party cities in Australia according to us are Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and Gold Coast.


Sydney tops our list of weekend bachelor party destinations. There is nothing more traditional than pub crawling through the historic bars and pubs scattered through the city. The city is also rich in cultural activities, making it perfect for a bucks party in Sydney. The groom may look for strippers for hire if he wants something more special. There are the other fun ideas for your bucks party in Sydney that will impress your groom.


Melbourne is a lively city full of places where you can hold an amazing bachelor party. Enjoy a game at the MCG or tour the local breweries of which the city has many. Melbourne clubs are well-known for their lively atmosphere. You can also hire a party boat and enjoy festivities onboard cruising down the Yarra River.


Yet another idea for a wild party is to hold it in Brisbane, where there are many opportunities to do different activities. You can also arrange for activities like skydiving, paintball, sailing, and go-karting. Shooting parties can also be held with clay birds as targets. The evening can be devoted to partying in the local pubs.


A beautiful and calm city, Perth has a quaintness to it which makes it a wonderful place for a party. The sunshine and the beaches offer great opportunities for barbeques, beach parties, and boat parties. Activities like sand boarding, surfing, diving, and jetpacking can give the groom a great last day of his single life. Of course, the ubiquitous pubs that cover the city can be visited for a great end to a great day.

Gold Coast

Casinos, nightclubs, beaches, and restaurants make the Gold Coast a great place to have a bucks party! It is the Australian Vegas and offers a wide range of activities. Arrange a visit to a theme park such as Sea World, Warner Bros. Movie World, Paradise Country, or Outback Spectacular, and enjoy a day of fun, followed by a beach party at night.

No matter where you choose to go in Australia, there are opportunities to have fun and to party. Make this party memorable for your friend!

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