4 Unusual Ways You Can Save on Travel

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Advice to save on travel costs usually ranges from booking red-eye flights and taking your holiday during unpopular times, all the way up to staying in hostels or hitchhiking to save on transportation. However, there are some little-known methods many people often don’t use when it’s time to save on trips. Here are four unusual ways to save on travel on your next holiday.

Plan in Advance, But Not Too Far

You will pay more for plane tickets only a few days before the flight than you would just a week or two in advance. Buy your airplane tickets at least two weeks in advance to save money and you’ll save even more if you book your tickets through a discount website. However, avoid buying tickets too far in advance because you may have to pay more if you need to reschedule your flight.

Choose the Right Way to Get There

Instead of taking a direct flight to your destination, arrange to take connecting flights. You’ll save significantly over the direct route. If you do book a direct flight, book round trip tickets since one-way tickets are the most expensive way to fly. If you arrange for connecting flights, booking the same route back as round trip tickets will save you even more money. Another way to save money is to stay a day or two at each layover. For international flights, this allows you to enjoy more countries while paying the same rate in many cases for connecting flights.


Use the Old Clothes Trick

Airlines are making money every way they can, and one of the ways they do this is by charging you for each bag over your carryon limit. You’ll usually be charged for the second bag. You could pack old clothes you’re willing to throw away if you plan on buying new clothing when you reach your destination, so you don’t have an extra bag to pay for on the way home. If you buy quite a bit on your trip, research the cost of mailing the items home compared to paying extra baggage fees to take them on the plane.

Plan Your Meals

Eating in the airport is cheaper than paying for a meal on the airplane while planning on eating at local restaurants is even cheaper. Before leaving, check out resources such as Mr Hudson Explores to get a list of affordable eateries in and around the area where you’ll be staying.

Don’t forget to plan on eating before you leave for the airport or upon return home to save on food. When you are traveling, research options for cooking for yourself, while takeout at local restaurants or eating in small restaurants are also cheap options. Avoid eating breakfast at the hotel unless it is complimentary.

If you want to save money on your next trip, research routes and methods of travel when buying your tickets to save on travel costs. Planning in advance allows you the option to find the lowest overall cost to get there and back.

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