3 Essentials for Surviving the Rain in London

August 25, 2017 , In: Lifestyle tips, Travel , With: No Comments

If there is one thing consistent in this world, it’s probably rain in London. A lot of preparing and styling have to be kept in mind. But the things you have to prioritize are your essentials in this rainy weather. Basically, you have to keep three things in mind to survive the harsh weather in London. With all your stylish clothes in danger of getting wet and your hair getting ruined by the humidity, you need to have something to protect your outfit of the day.

1. Windproof Umbrella

 Of course, what’s the use of boots and waterproof jacket if you don’t have the overall protection? Umbrellas are literally the only things you need to survive the rain. If boots protect your feet from getting wet and umbrella helps cover your dress so it won’t get wet, umbrellas literally protect you from the harsh London rain. There is nothing more awful to be walking around with no umbrella and getting soaking wet looking like a drenched silly person while everyone else around you is high and dry. So, don’t put yourself into such trouble and always put your umbrella inside your bag.

 2. Boots

 This is your real lifesaver. But to complete your kicking fashion sense, you have to have the perfect pair. With just a great pair of boots, you won’t have any problem in battling the rain. You also don’t have to worry about getting you newly bought jeans wet, you won’t even have to experience wet shoes and wet feet, and more importantly, you won’t suffer under the hands of unforgiving cold. Boots vary in different designs and sizes. They are customized to cater different tastes of consumer. You can have cute boots to go along with your trendy outfit or you can have boots to suit your professional get-up. Overall, boots are becoming more and more of a fashion statement in spite of it being necessary.

3. Waterproof Jacket

 Even more resilient to keep up with the latest trend is having a jacket. It is not directive in what you wear but you would always want to look good and comfortable. That’s kind of hard to achieve considering that you are about to end up freezing, soaking wet, and, worse, your jacket isn’t warm or protective enough. Jackets are also lightweight so when you have no choice but to run against the unstoppable rain, jackets make your life easier since they are not too heavy to carry around. So, imagine yourself dressed perfectly and feeling cozy indoor but it suddenly rained hard, you won’t have to go through all the trouble about getting your outfit ruined because you have just the perfect waterproof jacket to save your day.

Overall, rain in everyone knows that there is no way you can stop the rain from falling but to conquer your day, you always just have to put on a smile on your face and don’t let the rain get you down. Try buying really colorful umbrellas and gorgeous coat to add up to that fighting spirit.

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